ゴールドは酸化しにくいという理由から需要も高く貴重な金属です。また世代を超えてその美しい輝きを保ち続けます。 レッドラインではゴールドをとてもよく利用しています。

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    By being stainless,gold is a sought-after and precious metal. It can travel through the generations and preserve its esthetic brightness.
    Gold is a very exploited metal at Redline. Used alone or in duo with a thread, we then add a diamond on it to make it sparkle. But gold has its complexity, that¹s why we indicate you its different aspects.

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    Gold is a chemical element, which symbol is Au (from the Latin aurum) and which atomic number is 79. It¹s a sought-after precious metal and it¹s also prized in every culture in the form of finery or coins. On the one hand, gold symbolizes light and perfection, spiritual richness and the divine on the other hand.

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    Whereas most pure metals are grey or silvery-white, gold presents a metallic-yellow color with complex reflections, golden as defined in French.

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    In the jewelry sector, we don¹t use pure gold, 24 carats, too soft and not solid enough to be modeled. We often use 18-carat gold instead. Therefore, it is combined with other metals to be more resistant.

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    In that case, the formed gold alloy can produce several tints according to variable quantities of silver, copper or palladium. This is why, besides that there are yellow gold, white gold, or pink gold:

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    - Yellow gold is in principle consists in 75% of pure gold, 12,5% of silver and 12,5% of copper.
    - Pink gold normally consists in 75% of pure gold, 20% of copper and 5% of silver.
    - White gold generally consists in 75% of pure gold, 15% of palladium and 10% of silver. In France and in Europe, nickel, which was in the composition before, is now forbidden due to allergies. Without nickel, white gold is more expensive and whiter.

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