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Absolu 线绳手链

“黑色钻石是我们银河系和地球之间的纯粹创造。因此,除了崇高之外,它显然还有带来好运的美德!这颗钻石在法国男性珠宝市场上是罕见的,享有盛誉 最坚固的钻石!非常适合始终需要忠实伴侣陪伴的男性!她可以毫无问题地代代相传的珠宝,因为钻石几乎牢不可破,因此在上面看不到任何损坏的迹象。但是这个 华丽的宝石也将作为订婚戒指风靡一时!钻石因其质量、硬度和稀有性而经常与爱情联系在一起。敢于原创,让您的订婚戒指成为真正的珍宝。",seo_content_2=



It is well known that diamonds are a man's best friend. But so is jewellery in general! It is a way for her to accessorise an outfit endlessly, to reveal her tastes and to assert her personality, notably through the colour of the metal chosen. Silver is much more rock-like than yellow gold, for example, as are dark-coloured precious stones such as black diamonds. As a gift, the Absolu bracelet for men is perfect because it can be personalised ad infinitum: colour of the diamond, colour of the wire and even the material! It can complete an already acquired set such as the Absolu necklace or earrings!