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The beliefs


Are you looking for a religious and stylish jewel? Redline presents its famous gold cross on thread. Today the cross represents much more than long ago's religious symbol, it is now a stylish sign for a piece of trendy jewelry. The Jean bracelet combines spirituality and fashion! Redline has thought of everyone and presents a hyper trendy diamond Maguen David. The Star of David represents the six points of intersection with its two triangles symbolizing the union of the twelve Jewish tribes unified by prophet David. The Star of David thread bracelet is available in a diamond paved version: the shield, or in a gold version: David. Redline promotes world peace and freedom of thought. Therefore, it was obvious to create the crescent moon pendant. There is a gold version: the Ishem jewel, and a diamond-paved version: My Moon. This pretty jeweled moon symbolizes the last crescent of the moon, which marks the end of the month of Ramadan. Choose the faith jewel that suits you best. Open-mindedness, spirituality and fashion are combined. The world is much better by uniting wonders and stories.

Love and ...

Diamond Peace and Love

Why offer a Redline belief jewel? Some affirm their religions, others feel protected. The Hand of Fatma in gold, for example, is against the evil eye. The Peace and Love diamond jewel designates Peace, Love, and recognition. Thus, the jewelry house RedLine has thought of you in order to be able to offer an ideal gift for women ... or men. To be worn in all circumstances, all the gold symbols have a meaning! Redline threads multiply for even more pleasures and unusual combinations. Have fun and create the multi-string bracelet of your dreams! Choose a thread color for a unique belief pendant thread! Online jewelry is available worldwide! Follow our jewelry on Instagram or on Facebook. Instagram REDLINE: @redline_paris, Facebook REDLINE redlineparis!