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个性化定制您的Illusion Colored系列首饰

个性化定制您的Illusion Colored系列首饰

Illusion Colored

Redline(螺纹概念设计器)的设计师展示了新版的Illusion手镯。 创作者Laetitia Cohen-Skalli希望通过将白色钻石和黑色钻石与蓝宝石相结合来重温这一畅销书。 紧随其后的是Illusion螺纹+白钻手链,中间是彩色宝石,吸引了全世界最潮流的手镯! 因此,Redline还在项链,手链,戒指甚至耳环上创造了这种新的珠宝概念! 像往常一样,您可以通过在许多线色之间进行选择来个性化手镯。 表圈和表扣均为金色。 享受并创造您独特的珠宝!

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Illusion jewelry


Fall for the Illusion Colored collection, sumptuous jewelry that perfectly combines white diamonds and precious stones. Luxurious jewelry for all tastes: diamond and sapphire bracelet, precious stone and diamond necklace, black diamond bracelet ... An original and elegant collection that will delight more than one! Find the perfect gift for women from our selection of Redline gold and diamond jewelry. Our fine jewelry house is present worldwide, at our partner resellers or in our Redline online store.

Redline jewelry

Colored gems

Redline presents its collection of shiny and original illusion colored jewelry, which will enhance your wrist. Several small white diamonds merge with a precious stone to create an exceptional jewel. Unique and colorful pieces, due to precious pink sapphires and black diamond for unrivaled luxury. Add an extra touch of fantasy by personalizing your Redline jewel with the gold color of your choice as well as your favorite thread color. Fall for an orange cord bracelet, a red gold and diamonds string bracelet, a rose gold and diamonds thread necklace ... Create the jewel of your dreams.