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个性化定制K Color Illusion系列首饰

个性化定制K Color Illusion系列首饰

K Color Illusion

随着K Color Illusion系列珠宝,您将坠入充满神秘梦幻的梦境里,这是RedLine的标志性珠宝,上面装饰着稀有的黑钻,极具神秘。我们通过不断地创新,无论是男士或是女士,都会被这种珠宝的独特魅力所臣服。

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A sublime illusion


The famous Illusion collection, from our jewelry house RedLine, has the power to transform seven black diamonds into one. Master the art of illusion perfectly with our 0.05 carat black diamonds set on almost invisible claws, which will give the appearance of a single precious stone. Have fun declining as you wish on a black diamond bracelet, black diamond necklace, black diamond ring, or even earrings. The Illusion Kcolor model has already won millions of hearts and is always at the forefront of fashion, it will take you into a mysterious whirlwind and will make you shine brightly.

Illusion collection

Black diamond

Why adopt the black illusion diamond jewelry from our Redline House? Add a touch of color to your Redline lucky-charm jewelry. Meet the Illusion Kcolor version of our Illusion bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Mysterious 0.01 carat black diamonds break into the center of a delicate 0.05 carat flower. The most enigmatic of all diamonds is surely the black diamond, endowed with incredible beauty and extremely rare on the market. A true symbol of strength and protection, the black diamond is fascinating. RedLine is there to satisfy a desire for diamonds, precious stones and black diamonds.